About Us

Javier de la Piedra loves his worms. For 19 years, he has been cultivating earthworms in San Antonio, Texas and creating eco-system solutions to transform his personal gardening experience while eliminating the organic waste his family and restaurant produces daily. The Planet Worm System is an earth-friendly composting eco-system that Javier de la Piedra has created. It can benefit your family’s ecological impact on the world on so many levels.

Our Planet Worm System is made out of recycled plastic. It’s a friendly system to process the waste from the kitchen, it takes up little space and can be placed inside the house.


Our Mission

To promote a culture of respect for the environment through the design and implementation of mechanisms that favor the recycling of organic materials generated in the homes, in order to contribute to the reduction of garbage generation in the cities.

Experience ecological fun, eliminate organic household waste and have your very own fertilizer factory.

You can feel good about the way you’ll transform your gardening success with your homemade fertilizer.

You may even decide that the Planet Worm System can become a great income producing venture because you will be able to sell Worms and Organic Fertilizer to other gardeners interested in permaculture.

The earth will thank you too.

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Planet Worm Vermicomposting System